Gregory J. Daniels DDS on Why It’s Never too late to Start Taking Care of Your Teeth


Gregory J. Daniels DDS believes that good dental care goes beyond cleaning and repairing his patients’ teeth. The office of Gregory J. Daniels DDS educates each patient on proper daily dental hygiene, instilling the importance of brushing and flossing to overall health and well-being.

A Hinsdale, Illinois-based dentist, Gregory J. Daniels DDS has worked in the fields of cosmetic and general dentistry for almost 30 years. While many adults realize the importance of dental hygiene as they approach middle age, Gregory J. Daniels DDS stresses the importance of beginning a good daily routine early in life. Poor dental hygiene in youth can lead to irreversible issues later in life, Gregory J. Daniels DDS adds.

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Say Cheese: Dental News from Gregory J. Daniels DDS

A piece of cheddar a day may keep the dentist at bay, notes Hinsdale dentist Gregory J. Daniels DDS.

The Academy of General Dentistry recently completed a study which concludes that cheese may help prevent cavities, advises Gregory J. Daniels DDS. The study sampled nearly 70 youths from 12 to 15. The test subjects were separated into groups randomly and instructed to eat either sugar-free yogurt or cheese or to drink whole milk.

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Gregory J. Daniels on Proper Dental Exams– More Than Just Counting Teeth

Gregory J. Daniels DDS – a general and cosmetic dentist based out of Hinsdale, Illinois, explains why good dental health benefits the entire body.

Every day, patients walk into the office of Gregory J. Daniels DDS for cleanings, examinations, and dental maintenance. “My ability to see these people on a regular schedule”, he explains, “allows me to diagnose problems in their early stages.” Many people, especially younger and healthier ones, tend to see a dentist more regularly than a physician.  Dr. Gregory J Daniels sees it as an opportunity to be on the front line in screening for a myriad of other medical problems

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